Large Vampire Bat Dracula Night Crawler Ring

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Under the cloak of night, the bat crawls in absolute silence towards its intended prey, to sate its own lust and revamp its victim.
A large, antiqued pewter ring in the form of a creeping bat, with enormous outstretched wings covering the finger. Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.06″ x Height 1.30″ x Depth 1.30″, Materials: Fine English Pewter.
The metal used in the manufacture of all Alchemy’s pewter products is the highest grade “English Pewter”. Regarded as a ‘semi-precious’ metal valued second only to silver. Pewter, like silver, may tarnish, but can easily be polished up to a brilliant lustrous shine, using a brass or silver polishing wad and a wipe with a dry cloth.

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