Ebros Gift Pirate Star Boneyard Ossuary Skull Sacrifice Wine Goblet Drink Chalice Cup Figurine 6oz

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This Pirate Boneyard Skull Wine Goblet is made of fine polyresin and stainless steel, hand painted and polished.
This Pirate Boneyard Skull Wine Goblet measures 7.5″ tall and about 4″ in diameter approximately. Goblet capacity is 6 ounces. Handwash only.
Drink in style with this Cool Pirate Skull goblet. This goblet will make a fine party centerpiece and for a cool ceremony of wine!!! At the world’s end, in the uncharted oceans lay a precious pirate skull wine chalice that is said to possess eternal youth. The chalice has the pattern of the pirate Northern Star, with multiple bones the perimeters the whole chalice. It is a very unique and exotic mug to have for any event. It will also make a gift of a lifetime to a loved one!


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